Rio de Janeiro is a destination to visit at any time of the year. So if you travel the Marvelous City between June and September, you will also have the guarantee of an excellent suntan, since the temperatures usually stay at around 25 °C, and the sea water doesn't fall below 21 °C.

In addition to being able to immerse yourself in the delicious beaches of Rio, take advantage of our top 10 activities you can't miss in Rio to enjoy every day of your vacation.

1) Visit the emblematic sites of Rio in 7 hours

Landing in Rio de Janeiro and not visiting Christ the Redeemer can be considered as an incomplete trip. The Rio Express City Tour is an excellent option for seeing the most outstanding attractions of the city in one day, and after having taken the necessary photographs, you will be able to spend the rest of the holidays resting in front of the sea. With this city tour you will reach the top of the Sugar Loaf, you will go through the Bosque da Tijuca, you will meet Christ the Redeemer, and you will pass through the Sambadrome, the Metropolitan Cathedral and the Plaza de Cinelándia.

Winter In Rio de Janeiro knowing the Christ the Redeemer/ Photo: Daytours4u

2) Travel by jeep in the carioca rainforest

It rains very little during the winter in Rio, so lovers of adventure can tour the Floresta da Tijuca and discover all the exuberance that hides in the heart of the city. Access to this National Park by Jeep allows travelers to see places such as the Cachoeira dos Macacos (Monkey Waterfall); the Mesa do Imperador (Emperor's Table), the Cascatinha (Taunay Waterfall) and the amazing Vista Chinesa viewpoint, where you get a panoramic view of Rio de Janeiro.

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3) Try an authentic feijoada to warm the soul and the body

We have already clarified that in Rio it is not cold during the winter, but the cuisine of Rio de Janeiro defies the 25°C weather with its exquisite feijoada made up of several pieces of pork, and for the bravest, there is the feijoada noble that includes the ribs, ham and other sausages. In the Authentic Feijoada Experience this dish is accompanied by rice, yucca sticks, black beans and orange slices, and is finished off with tasty desserts and typical Brazilian coffee.

4) Discover the fascinating history of the Colonial Era of Rio in Petrópolis

This activity is a cultural classic to do in the surrounding areas of Rio de Janeiro and is a novel excursion that can't be omitted from the itineraries of curious travelers and lovers of history. In Petrópolis, located 65 kilometers north of Rio, you will see the Mirante do Cristo -a popular viewpoint of the city- the Quitandinha Palace, the Imperial Museum -which used to be the Emperor's Palac -, the imposing Cathedral of Petrópolis, the majestic Crystal Palace, Relogio das Flores and the city's chocolate factory.

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Winter in Rio de Janeiro Take a day to go to Petrópolis and learn about the colonial history of Rio / Source

5) Experience the passion of football in the spectacular stadium of the city

Join the shouting in the stands with Rio fans, and be a part of one of the most colorful and euphoric parties in Rio by taking the sports tour which can't be missed from your itinerary. It's not necessary to know how the standings of the First Division in Brazil or the Copa Libertadores de América are doing, the only important part is your willingness to enjoy an authentic travel experience and clear your throat for the moments of the goal!

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6) Go to the Churrascaria Palace and love the delicious carioca gastronomy

If you associate Rio de Janeiro with seafood, you're right! The Churrascaria Palace is one of the ideal places to enjoy the exquisite oysters and fresh seafood, accompanied by a timely white wine. Those who prefer beef, can order any cut they want, but the jackpot always goes to the bife ancho and the picanha, a very popular cut in Brazil.

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7) Celebrate Carnival even in winter

Being a part of the camera after one of the biggest carnivals in the world is now a reality with the “Carnival Experience” tour. In addition to knowing the history of the samba and the origin of the parades, travelers will discover all the logistics involved in the organization of the samba schools and even wear the costumes of fantasies used by the professionals who give life to this majestic event every year.

Winter in Rio de Janeiro Enjoy the biggest party all year with the Carnival Experience! / Photo: Daytours4u

8) Renew the love enjoying the sunset in the Sugar Loaf

The sunsets in Rio de Janeiro are indescribable. You have to witness the light show in person to understand why adjectives fall short of narrating their sunsets. Every traveler looking for the perfect place for the best pictures should go up to the Sugar Loaf after noon and find some postcards. It is also the ideal plan for lovers and here is a known fact: it is the perfect place for important proposals!

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9) Attend the Ginga Tropical Show to discover other Brazilian rhythms besides the samba

The nightlife of Rio de Janeiro is diverse and vibrant with the inhabitants of the city. The Ginga Tropical Show is a must-see show of the local culture because the staging brings together the varied artistic manifestations of Brazil. There are Brazilian dances from the African tribes, and also from the Northeast and the Pampas. Finally you will enjoy a presentation that recalls the luxurious Carnival of Sapucaí, along with its fantastic dancers.

10) Spend a whole day in Ilha Grande and Angra dos Reis

There are countless beaches in Rio de Janeiro but the entire Angra dos Reis coast is a must. It is located around the city, so take a day trip to make the most of the time. You will visit the Serra do Mar Valley and the Atlantic Forest, take a boat cruise to tour the islands and stop at Ilha Grande, where you can cool off in the sea.

Winter in Rio de Janeiro Travel to your surroundings and get to know Angra dos Reis / Photo: Daytours4u


These are just 10 options to make the most of an excellent vacation in this Wonderful City. However, there are endless activities to explore around the city, including its museums, its attractions and its culture. Go to to learn more about tours in Rio de Janeiro.

By: Keilma Rojas, web content editor of Daytours4u