Located on the banks of the Rio de la Plata, Colonia del Sacramento is a city that attracts travelers from all over the world due to its peaceful atmosphere and harmonious ambience. The old buildings and cobbled alleyways are just some of the beautiful attractions that make this a place of magic and charm in equal measure.

Despite its small size and reputation as a destination for short stays, Colonia offers an array of cultural and gastronomic activities for those looking to relax and enjoy a quiet family holiday, romantic weekend getaway, or some quiet alone time. Having learnt the 10 best sites to see, find out here why you should include Colonia del Sacramento on your travel itinerary:

Colonia del Sacramento / Uruguay4u Colonia del Sacramento is synonymous with inspiration at every turn / Source

1. Tranquillity

Tranquillity and Colonia del Sacramento are synonyms in the South American travel dictionary. Uruguay has already gained a reputation as being a country with a slower pace of life compared to its neighbours, and in Colonia, the relaxed atmosphere is very apparent – time appears to pass more slowly and people are certainly in no hurry.

It is very common for Uruguayans to relax with friends in the serene plazas or on the river’s waterfront, have a mate, and simply embrace a pleasant afternoon as the sun drifts by.

Colonia del Sacramento / Uruguay4u The shores of Rio de la Plata are a great place to relax and unwind

2. Exquisite Sunsets

Undoubtedly the most striking images of this place are the extraordinary sunsets. The palette of colours in the sky will transform dramatically to elicit a stunning combination of reds, oranges, purples, and blues as the sun merges with the edges of the horizon, offering travelers a truly spectacular view and some amazing photo opportunities.


Colonia del Sacramento / Uruguay4u Sunsets in Colonia del Sacramento are simply amazing / Source: Fickr

3. So close yet so different to Buenos Aires

Many travelers to Buenos Aires take the opportunity to quickly hop over to Uruguay – a serene amble through the streets of this quaint little country is a great idea. Colonia del Sacramento is a little over an hour away from the Argentine capital via ferry; a service that runs regularly throughout the day, which allows for a return trip on the same day.

Buenos Aires is an effervescent city bustling with life amongst the dizzying skyscrapers and hectic day-to-day events typical of a mega metropolis. Acting in complete contrast – a small piece of paradise situated across the Rio de la Plata – we find Colonia del Sacramento, a city with a striking visible legacy of the Portuguese colonial era where peacefulness is the order of the day.


Colonia del Sacramento ferry Buenos Aires Colonia del Sacramento is only one hour of ferry ride away from Buenos Aires / Picture : Daytours4u

4. Travel back in time

For those of you who are seeking a more intimate and reflective travel experience, a visit to Colonia is ideal. On every corner of every street, you will discover architectural wonders, while wandering through the beautiful narrow alleyways down towards the river will evoke a mix of sensations. If you want to soak in the early hours of sun, you will be witness to a seemingly deserted town.

This is the time to observe the historic buildings, stroll through the verdant plazas, and learn what this place has to offer. Take a book, take a camera, and take a notebook – the hidden gem that is Colonia is perfect for enjoying some quiet time.

Colonia del Sacramento / Uruguay4u The light is spectacular in this town and allows for great snapshots / Source

5. Freshly made Churros

The gastronomic star of Uruguay is the Chivito, but it is not the only authentic dish that this country has to offer. In Colonia, you will find a collection of food stands on the street that will prepare your order to request. Be sure to sample some churros filled with dulce de leche or chocolate for a truly delicious travel experience.

churro colonia del sacramento If you go to Colonia del Sacramento, you must taste a churro / Source

6. Hidden Secrets in Stone Streets

The Calle de los Suspiros (Street of Sighs) is a symbol of Colonia – an example of the legends and mysteries that are infused into the very fabric of the city. This narrow cobbled alleyway is breathing with secrets and there are many different theories as to how the name was coined. One version says that convicted criminals were sentenced to death by hanging here, while another, and perhaps the most accepted variant, claims Calle de los Suspiros was much traveled by sailors in search of some promiscuous fun after a long voyage at sea. The third, and by far the most romantic, takes us back to a crisp moonlit night where a young woman was waiting for her sweetheart. Then, under the cover of darkness, a masked man took her life and with her last breath she called out the name of her love.

Colonia de Sacramento / Uruguay4u Discover Colonia through its corridors of trees and cobbled streets / Source

Uruguay can be the perfect setting for a unique travel experience. In Colonia del Sacramento you will find numerous cultural activities, gastronomic delights, and quiet time for reflection and contemplation.

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By: Luiza Cavalcante / Translated by: Simon Hall