São Paulo has endless amounts of bars and restaurants to satisfy every traveler. Knowing about every single one during a short trip is an arduous task, that’s why we have gathered together 3 trendy bars in São Paulo that awaken the curiosity of the public with their exotic drinks and novel environments.

Sao Paulo Pizza and beer: the perfect combination! / Photo: Bar Câmara Fria


Bar Gibi Cultura Geek

Attention geeks of the world: this is your place! The Bar Gibi Cultura Geek appeals to all - from video game lovers to Star Wars fans.

The decorations demonstrate the owner’s broad knowledge about video games, movies and television series - from the oldest, to the most current.

The drinks menu is also inspired by characters or movies. My favorite drink was the Ninja Turtle!

Address: R. Maj. Maragliano, 364 - Vila Mariana, São Paulo - SP
Website: www.gibiculturageek.com

Sao Paulo The Gibi Geek Bar: there are references to video games and movies/Photo: Patrícia Furlan

Bar Câmara Fria

If you love the feel of New York bars that are dimly lit and are well hidden, then you will definitely like the Bar Câmara Fria. The given address indicates the location of the Original Bar, and in order to access the Cold Chamber, you must ask your waiter to take you to the refrigerator door. The bar is located at the top.

The all-day menu includes coxinhas (chicken snack) and delicious pizza. The menu of craft beers is extensive, and the atmosphere is very pleasant. The female bathroom is an additional separate attraction for women. Worth a visit!

Address: R. Graúna, 137 - Moema, São Paulo - SP (In the Original bar, ask for the Cold Chamber).

Sao Paulo The bathrooms are an important part of the Câmara Fría Bar / Photo: Patrícia Furlan

Olívio Bar

The drinks here are the most distinguishing feature of the bar, due to the creatively unique presentation of each drink, including: the Trump glass, or the bathtub with patios and a bag of blood to “replenish” the stock of alcohol.

The traditional drinks are accompanied by small posters with funny messages, an ideal opportunity to take a selfie and post it to your social network. Stopping to try out new drinks will be the only difficulty you’ll face at this bar.

Address: R. Delfina, 196 - Vila Madalena, São Paulo - SP, 05443-010
Website: www.oliviobar.com.br

Sao Paulo Olívio Bar: a very funny presentation of the drinks/ Photo gaved by Olívio Bar


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By: Patrícia Furlan, publicist, psychoanalyst, and travel blogger in free time. Her experiences as a traveler can be found on Viagem de Fuga