The beautiful city of Puerto Montt is located in the Chilean region Los Lagos, on the coast of the Ancud Gulf. Thanks to its strategic position, this city is a much-appreciated layover during cruises through the Chilean Patagonia where you will be able to find architecture, cuisine and a rich unique culture. In this article, we will tell you about 6 places that you cannot miss visiting during your cruise in Puerto Montt.

puerto montt Puerto Montt is one of the favorite cities for cruise passengers visiting Patagonia / Photo: Daytours4u


1. La Plaza de Armas

La Plaza de Armas is located very close to the long avenue La Costanera and is one of the first places that welcomes visitors that arrive on a cruise ship. It was built as a homage to Captain Buenaventura Martínez, founder of the city in the 19th century. La Plaza de Armas is adorned with a fountain, some statues, and a pergola that turns into an open-air stage chosen by many street artists.

Plaza de Armas Puerto Montt Walk through the Plaza de Armas of Puerto Montt and discover the buildings of its surroundings / Photo: Armando Torrealba


2. The Cathedral of Nuestra Señora del Carmen

In the north part of the Plaza de Armas, you will find the Cathedral of Nuestra Señora del Carmen which was built in 1856. It is a Neoclassical style, this cathedral was comprised integrally with larch tree- typical to the region- and has an attention drawing bronze dome. With the effort to keep its original style, it has gone through 4 restorations (the last one in 2005) and it prevails as the oldest building in the city.

catedral puerto montt Visit the Cathedral of Puerto Montt and appreciate its beautiful neoclassical style / Photo: Rodolfo Ditzel Lacoa


3. Diego Rivera’s House of Art

Diego Rivera’s House of Art, built in 1964, is located to the east of the Plaza de Armas. This cultural building houses pieces of local art (especially paintings) and as well as various exhibits of pottery, photography, and engravings. Performances of music, theatre and dance are also organized regularly. To the Northeast of the plaza, and very close to Diego Rivera’s House of Art, it is possible to visit the Cultural Mansion ex Llanquihue Bank which is dedicated mainly to art workshops and seminaries.

Casa del Arte Puerto Montt Include in your itinerary a visit to the Diego Rivera’s House of Art and enjoy its multiple exhibitions / Source


4. The Jesuits’ Church

In the northeast part of the Plaza de Armas is where the Jesuits’ Church is found, which was turned into an educational institution in 1882 now called “St Francis Javier High School”. At the top of the tower in this high school, they installed four bells in 1894, the largest one weighing in at 1,759 kilograms. In order to enjoy the city from a different angle, it is ideal to go through the towers, including the Intendencia Regional Lookout, the most accessible from the Plaza de Armas.


Iglesia Jesuita Puerto Montt Enjoy the panoramic view of the city of Puerto Montt from the tower of the Church of the Jesuits / Photo: Armando Torrealba


5. The Maillén, Huar and Tenglo Islands

At the immense bay of Puerto Montt, bordered by mountains, are the islands Maillén, Huar, and Tanglo, as well as the Calbuco Volcano which represent some of the main points of interest at this destination. In front of the Plaza de Armas, there is an old dock that today has been transformed into a covered dyke that offers an extraordinary view of the bay.

Just 200 meters from the old dock, you are able to visit the Paseo Costanera Mall with its contemporary architecture. It is a shopping mall of 135,000 m² that has a hypermarket, luxury stores, 5 theatre cinema, a gym, four office buildings, a hotel, and residences.

Volcán_Calbuco Surprise yourself with the beautiful view of the Calbuco volcano from the immense bay of Puerto Montt / Photo: Nicolás Binder


6. La Costanera & la Caleta de Angelmó

Walk along La Costanera either by foot or on bicycle. A large avenue situated along the coast with numerous sculptures, amongst them the Bronze Monument from the German Colonization created in 1977. At the end of this avenue is the Small Inlet (La Caleta) of Angelmó with a market that offers, shellfish, fish, and a handicraft market.

The restaurants that surround the La Caleta de Angelmó are ideal for trying the local specialties made with seafood. You will also find tiny boats that go to the islands of Seno de Reloncaví, which you can visit by hiring a guided excursion. One of the most visited is the Tenglo Island thanks to its striking forests of Fitzroya and pine trees.

Angelmo Puerto Montt1 In the Caleta de Angelmó you will also find tiny boats that go to the islands of Seno de Reloncaví / Foto: María Luisa Garrido


Make the most out of your holidays in South America and visit this and other fascinating cities in Patagonia!


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