For more than 5 years Uruguay has been leading the lists of gay friendly destinations in Latin America and is one of the top 10 countries in the world that supports diversity with concrete actions. Two emblematic examples of these inclusive actions are equal marriage and the adoption law for homoparental families, which have had a positive impact on all sectors of Uruguayan society, including tourism.

Uruguay Uruguay celebrates Diversity Month every September / Photo: LGBT Chamber of Commerce and Business of Uruguay


Uruguay's commitment to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer (LGBT +) community is strengthened every year, especially in September when Diversity Month is celebrated. On the occasion of this annual festival, we spoke with Sergio Miranda, director of Friendlymap Magazine and vice president of the LGBT Chamber of Commerce and Business of Uruguay, who explained to us why Uruguay continues to be the best LGBT + destination in South America.

1. Is Uruguay the best LGBT destination in South America? Why?

Uruguay has been labeled on more than one occasion as one of the most gay friendly destinations in Latin America and the world by various guides and leading magazines in the world of tourism. Uruguay has a legislative framework that is a worldwide example of respect and protection of rights: anti-discrimination laws, adoption law for homoparental families, assisted reproduction laws, concubinage and equal marriage laws. In addition, it is one of the few countries that receives the same amount of tourists as its entire population; figures that position it as a leader in tourism throughout the year.

2. What are the most gay friendly cities in Uruguay?

First, Montevideo. Then Colonia de Sacramento, Punta del Este and the spas La Pedrera, Punta del Diablo and Cabo Polonio in Rocha.

Uruguay The beaches of Rocha are considered gay friendly places in Uruguay / Photo: Daytours4u

3. What remains to be done so that Uruguay can continue to consolidate itself as the best LGBT destination in South America?

More and better services aimed specifically at this sector, more campaigns in the public eye and representation in international media, more participation in fairs and international thematic events on this sector, and furthering the training and professionalization of our human resources.

4. Why would you recommend that the LGBT community of the world come to Uruguay for tourism?

For all the above, for being a friendly country that receives visitors all year round, where they will feel respected, at ease and can enjoy their stay with all that the country has to offer.

5. What places in Montevideo and Punta del Este would you recommend the LGBT community visit on their next trip to Uruguay?

In Montevideo, in addition to visiting all its tourist attractions, the places where you will feel at ease are:

- Splendido Petit Hotel & Hostel
- Mercado Agrícola de Montevideo (MAM)
- Restaurante Francis
- La Cocina de Pedro, the most gay friendly restaurant in Uruguay
- Cafetería
- Disco Il Tempo
- Chains Club
- Cain Disco
- Sauna Horus
- Sauna Toronto

In Punta del Este I’d recommend Undarius Hotel (gay men exclusive) and Restaurante Soho.

Uruguay is, without a doubt, a South American example of inclusion and respect for diversity. Live the best travel experiences in Uruguay with Daytours4u and enjoy your holidays in this beautiful country.

By: Keilma Rojas, web content editor at Daytours4u