About South America

South America is a continent with 18,2 million km² full of unique natural landscapes, climates for every taste, cities with fascinating history and towns loaded with mysticism that want to surprise avid travellers that discover new destinations. In each of the 12 countries of South America, the biodiversity and the warmth of its inhabitants combine perfectly to charm every traveller that wants to enjoy its attractions.

Travelling around South America, a very diverse destination, will make you feel privileged. Located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, with the Caribbean sea washing the north coasts and with the Antarctic ocean establishing itself in the south and the Andes mountain range covering the entire continent, South America offers such a wide and breathtaking variety of landscapes and cultures. While natural attractions tend to be the principal appeal, it has another component that will make you want to come back: the warmth of its people and their complete willingness to make you have the best memory of each destination.

In Daytours4u, we are proud of the place we live in, of this continent that we call home. That’s why we provide world travellers with our entire experience in tourism and our knowledge of each destination. Our company, comprised with a multicultural team and entirely committed with the traveller’s experience, is prepared to conduct you through this adventure that you are going to undertake around South America.

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