Carnival festivities in South America came to a close a few weeks ago and the religious observance of Lent will soon culminate with the celebrations of Easter. This time of year is marked by penance, reflection, and contemplation, yet it is also the season to take a break from our work schedules and jet set off to the distant corners of the world.

And what better destination could you find than the captivating wonder of South America. This is a continent full of magic and mystery; a region where you will find not only manifestations of the divine grace, but also some earthly temptations that include the pleasure of walking in places you had never even imagined with people whom you had never known before. Embrace new cultures, perform extraordinary activities, and in the process collect lifetime memories that can change your outlook on life: travel enriches the mind and soul.

So if, in addition to some meditation, you decide to take a trip this Easter and indulge in some guilty pleasures, we recommend you read this shortlist of 7 travel sins to commit in South America:

1. Dress with pride and make a statement in the hottest clubs of Medellín.

Despite being home to a predominantly Christian population, the nightlife in Medellin is vibrant even at Easter / Source

2. Cause envy amongst your friends by posting photos of your adventures in Chilean Patagonia.

Visiting the Torres del Paine is undoubtedly one of the most desired activities for travelers looking to discover the most amazing natural attractions / Source

3. Become overwhelmed by greed and hit the megastores of São Paulo.

The city of São Paulo is a paradise for lovers of big brand shopping and urban design / Source

4. Devour an authentic Argentine asado while discovering the best local food on a Gastronomic Tour of Buenos Aires.

Gula It is impossible to have a bad asado in Argentina. The exquisite flavours and mystique of this gastronomic tradition will leave you very happy this Easter / Source.

5. Surrender to the lust and sensuality of African rhythms by attending a Samba School Rehearsal in Rio de Janeiro.

Carnaval da rua

6. Plan a secret getaway to Uruguay and let yourself be overcome with laziness on a tour of Colonia del Sacramento.

Colonia Spend your Easter holidays appreciating the beautiful views of the Rio de la Plata and fall into relaxation.

7. Unleash your anger against the impossible and download all of your adrenaline for a Tandem Skydiving Jump over the spectacular Buenos Aires Pampa.

Tandem Skydiving For 35 exhilarating seconds, you will be in free fall before the parachute opens and you can peacefully enjoy the stunning panoramic scenery / Source

South America retains the magic of its native people and it has a rich duality expressed so extraordinarily in the stories and beliefs of its people. Here, indigenous and African cosmogony mixes with Judeo-Christian traditions, through both symbols and rituals, together blending to stimulate a spirit filled with intense emotions.

Become immersed in this mystical territory, a miraculous land full of improbable landscapes and a place where you can find many irresistible temptations.

Discover the enchanting energy of South America and enjoy your Easter holidays: book your tours and travel activities online now in any of the Daytours4u destinations.

By Daytours4u Content Team