Savory steak tenderloin, grilled medium rare. Sweet Dulce De Leche that practically melts on your tongue. Empanadas, full of thick creamy cheese and tasty slices of ham. If there’s a country that knows how to do food, it’s definitely Argentina. 

 Argentina has become known as the gastronomy capital of South America and with it’s excess of high quality meat and delicious baked goods, this doesn’t come as a surprise to Argentinians. Travelers coming from other countries, however, may not know just what a treat they’re in for when they purchase their ticket to Argentina. Oh sure, they’ve heard a little bit here and there about how good the food is, but once they’ve arrived, they’re surrounded by a sea of restaurants and bakeries.

Photo1_RosemaryandClaire_Departure_AuthenticFoodQuest Authors Rosemary and Claire prepare for their trip to Buenos Aires/Source

 Sorting through the best restaurants  can be mighty difficult. Some of the highest acclaimed restaurants in Buenos Aires are nothing more than mere tourist traps, enticing their visitors with promises of the best meat Argentina has to offer and serving nothing more than 2nd or 3rd rate meat at best. Which-to be perfectly honest- is still pretty high quality for us. But still, there’s better out there and you deserve to taste it.

 Authentic Food Quest Argentina: A Guide to Eating Your Way Through Argentina is a recently released Ebook that focuses on, well, eating your way through Argentina. Authors Rosemary Kimani and Claire Rouger take you on a food journey like no other. Centering around the four main regions in Argentina: Mendoza and the Wine Regions, Buenos Aires, Andean Northwest and Patagonia and the lake region, this guidebook is an absolute must-read if you’re planning a trip to Argentina.

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Covering over 50 Argentinian dishes, not only does this book highlight some of our best foods, but it also helps the unsuspecting tourist differentiate between a tourist trap and a genuine Argentine restaurant. Read to find out more about the best food, sweets, and wine, and as if that isn’t great as it is, tips on how to stay healthy and fit while indulging in some of these tasty meals are also included. All of this is available to you for the stunningly affordable price $7.99 USD. 

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